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1.   Bakery Dog Bones
These very high end dog biscuits are sure to be devoured by any canine lucky enough to receive them. Four hand cut and expertly decorated bone shaped biscuits are sure an attention getter. Packaged in a clear box these gourmet dog biscuits are a great gift for doggie birthdays, special occasions and more.
Item No. BB-07-A912
2.   Bone-e-fied Dog Gift Basket
Make no bones about it, this gift is a bone-e-fied dog loving gift basket! An adorable leopard hat box holds an assortment of gourmet bakery biscuits and our famous bake at home Cassidy’s Gourmet Bisket Mix.
Item No. BB-08-A105
3.   Cassidy's Gourmet Dog Bisket Mix -Chicken
Looking for a safe and wholesome treat to give your four-legged kids? Make the smart choice and bake your dog biscuits right at home. We have gathered together all human grade ingredients so all you need to do is add margarine, water, mix, bake and serve.
Item No. BB-00-A900
4.   Companions Forever Dog and Owner Gift Basket
Sharing a gift with your best friend Fido couldn’t be more natural. You save him scraps from the table; you sneak him all your lima beans why not send a gift that is made for both! Our Companions Forever gift basket is designed to include crunchy gourmet biscuits just for Fido and sweets and treats for the owner Sharing a gift with your best friend Fido couldn’t be more natural. You save him scraps from the table; you sneak him all your lima beans why not send a gift that is made for both! Ou
Item No. BB-08-A301
5.   Dog Treats Gift Basket
Send your greetings with this adorable dog gift basket. Our Dog Treats gift basket is filled with all biscuits and is sure to be a howling hit. Whether you are sending doggie get well wishes or congratulations on passing the puppy training sending that special pup a dog basket filled with treats is sure to make his tail wag.
Item No. BB-08-A106
6.   Doggie Basket of Fun GIFT BASKET
Let's just see how fast this large 10 inch Gingerbread Man can run! Fido will be getting his kicks out of fetching him and making him talk. A beautiful handled wicker basket holds a tasty selection of gourmet doggy biscuits and treats.
Item No. BB-09-A134
7.   Doggy's Choice Gift Basket
Send a special canine his very own doggy bag with this Doggy’s Choice. An adorable large paw print adorns this handled tote bag and comes filled with delicious doggy biscuits.
Item No. BB-07-A125
8.   Get Well Pooch Gift Basket
Send get well wishes to your favorite canine with this medical themed doggy gift basket. This gift includes the famous Pill Pockets® which are healthy treats with a patented pocket to safely conceal the medicine.
Item No. BB-07-A124
9.   Happy Birthday Angel Dog Gift Basket
Celebrating your dog’s birthday can be easy with our Happy Birthday gift tote filled with birthday goodies. No birthday would be complete without having cake and ice cream and this gift really delivers!
Item No. BB-08-A104
10.   Just for Dogs Gift Basket
Filled with beautiful and doggie delicious gourmet dog treats, this dog gift basket really is Just for Dogs! This doggy gift basket is perfect for endless gifting reasons such as Thanks for doggie sitting, Happy Birthday to the dog or his owner or your special occasion.
Item No. BB-09-A113
11.   Just what the Vet Ordered Gift Basket
Here’s a little something to send the poor dog that is not feeling up to par these days. In fact, it’s Just What the Vet Ordered! An adorable pill minder to help sort each days medications or for vitamins when they are feeling great and the innovated Pill Pocket treats.
Item No. BB-08-A139
12.   Le Doggy Gourmet Gift Basket
This high end and extraordinary dog gift basket is designed inside a beautiful and reusable handled wicker basket. Filled with gourmet doggy treats this gift is simply second to none. Gourmet hand cut and iced doggy bones, doggy bakery biscuits to an unbelievable Rocky Mountain Brownie just for Fido!
Item No. BB-09-A145
13.   Love at First Bite Dog Gift
An adorable paw print bag holds this dual of goodies. We are very pleased to include the very popular Bite Meez hand puppet with this gift. This well padded dog toy is perfect for those smaller dogs that love to go after your hand as it helps protect it from those small sharp teeth.
Item No. BB-07-A123
14.   Lucky Dog Tower Gift Basket
Some lucky dog is sure to go bonkers when this delivery arrives at his house. That big brown truck is going to have a gift inside just for him and he is going to let you know that someone has thought of him today!
Item No. BB-08-A109
15.   Nibbles & Bites Dog Gift Basket
this gift contains Bisket Baskets And More Tummy Treats, Grandma Lucy’s Treats and a fresh baked biscuit. Whatever your occasion, this gift can say it all.
Item No. BB-08-A129
16.   Paws for Treats
This doggy care package is just for Fido. Filled with some of the best biscuits on today's market we have included a full pound of Harry Barker's Therapy Chicken & Rice treats in a reusable tin along with a 6 ounce package of scrumptious Perky Pup biscuits.
Item No. BB-09-A107
17.   Pet Friends Gift Basket
Who says that dogs and cats can’t be friends? Our Pet Friends dog and cat gift basket will make them pretend like they’ve loved each other for years. Well, they will need to share but we’ve already done the dividing up of treats between them just to make it fair.
Item No. BB-08-A307
18.   Pooch Party Box
Our Pooch Party Box makes an adorable celebration gift for some lucky dog. A festive gable box is decorated like a cake with sprinkles on top and is filled with unique and tasty treats inside. Untie the ribbon bow and inside they will find delicious high end bakery biscuits, a doggie cake and real freeze dried ice cream that will drive that doggy wild!
Item No. BB-08-A114
19.   Spoiled Dog Gift Basket
With pets playing a major part in our lives it’s only natural that we enjoy spoiling them. Our Spoiled Dog gift basket is a perfect example of spoiling! Filled with lots and lots delicious doggy treats this gift is long lasting.
Item No. BB-08-A144
20.   Sweet Doggy Dreams Gift Basket
Do you know a really sweet doggy? We have designed this gift just for that loveable pooch that you can’t get enough of! For some of us it is the dog that retrieves the Frisbee for literally hours on end and is by our side 24/7. For others, it is the little pooch that is wearing clothes and is always in your lap or being carried everywhere.
Item No. BB-09-A130
21.   Warm Wishes for Dog and Owner Gift Basket
Our pets leave their paw print impression on our hearts and souls and it is only natural for us to want to share with them whenever possible. Our Warm Wishes dog gift basket is really designed for the owner as well!
Item No. BB-09-A313
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