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Give fido a gift he can share with his best friend!
(human friend)
Gift baskets for Pet and owner

Millie, Boggs and Honey test our pet supplies!

At Loving Pet Products, we are always looking for new items that are unique, creative and fun. We have a line of playful dog and cat jewelry for the pet lover. Now we are proud to announce the addition of our yummy Pet Gift Baskets! These Pet Gift Baskets are very unique, extremely creative and lots of fun for pets and pet lover alike. We have Cat Gift Baskets and dog Gift Baskets and also Gift Baskets for the pet lover and pet to share! These Gift Baskets are not filled with pet supplies like our competitors, they are filled with treats and are beautifully gift wrapped.

Please visit our sister store TREASURED TREATS GIFT BASKETS for all your gift giving needs. We are featuring a line of Kosher gift baskets, baby gifts, birthday and Valentine's Day gifts for humans and many more  


Having grown up with more furry siblings than human, has given us knowledge and experience with pet supplies. Loving Pet Products sells pet supplies we have used and recommend. If you have any questions about any of our pet supplies please feel free to contact us.

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What our customers are saying: "The basket was wonderful! Beautifully put together with all the great goodies. My pup Noble loves all the treats inside and is very thankful for them. I am pleased with the basket and look forward to purchasing some for future gifts. Thank you so much for providing such wonderful quality baskets. Kendra A., Vista, CA"
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